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Smart connection with the lowest level of power consumption in the industry

Bluetooth® low energy solutions for healthcare and fitness devices, home electric appliances and RFID tags, typified by beacons to connect them with smartphones at low power consumption without wires, have been rapidly increasing.

Renesas Electronics can offer solutions corresponding to Bluetooth® low energy technology.

You can select a chip or a module.
Chip (RL78/G1D)

The chip incorporates a balun element and a filter. It is only required to connect the chip to an antenna. Reduction in the number of external components leads to reduction in labor required for design and quality control. It also supports the long-term product supply program.

RL78/G1D User's Manual: HardwareDownload
Module (RL78/G1D module)
Module (RL78/G1D module)

Size: 8.95x13.35 x 1.7 mm The module incorporates an antenna and a RF circuit. The abundant functional pins of RL78/G1D can be used without any change. It is the best Bluetooth® low energy (BLE) module available, having a good balance between the size and the number of functional pins.

RL78/G1D Module (RY7011) User's Manual: HardwareDownload
RL78/G1D Module Firmware User's ManualDownload

Development Environment

RL78/G1D Evaluation Board

The RL78/G1D Evaluation Board can evaluate and develop applications for the RL78/G1D BLE solution that Renesas offers. You can begin evaluation immediately after purchasing of evaluation board using software which can be downloaded from the website.

This Evaluation Board is best suited for the following purposes.

  • For evaluation of the Renesas's device (RL78/G1D)
  • For operation evaluation of the Bluetooth low energy
  • To use for customer's principle prototype
Module Evaluation Board
Module Evaluation Board
Module Evaluation Board (Parts Number:RM-110-RFB-2)
  • Sales in preparation
Bluetooth® low energy Protocol Stack

The Bluetooth® low energy protocol stack is software required to operate the G1D. It supports modem configuration and embedded configuration. It can also offer various profiles created by Bluetooth SIG. Of course, it can also adapt to custom profiles created by customers.

We offer Bluetooth® low energy software solutions corresponding to a wide variety of application development. For more information, please see Software Details.

Development Support Tools
Quick Start Guide

A Quick Start Guide for using the RL78/G1D Evaluation Board is available. It describes the procedure from the installation of the Renesas Electronics Bluetooth® low energy software up to its actual operation.

GUI tools

Even if you are not familiar with BLE, you can easily conduct BLE communication using GUI tools without writing a program. You can confirm the API execution procedure and the setting values for various parameters while actually conducting communication activities. Additionally, you can also develop a program smoothly while referring to the results (logs) of the operation check.

GUI tools
iOS/Android Application "GATTBrowser"

The smartphone application, "GATTBrowser" can be downloaded from App Store/Google Play.
GATTBrowser is the app to check the BLE behavior. It can scan BLE devices which are advertising in vicinity and can perform the GATT-based communication with the connected BLE device. You can easy to check the sample application behavior. GATTBrowser assist you to development of RL78/G1D device.

iOS Application GATTBrowser
iOS Application "GATTBrowser"
  • iOS Application GATTBrowser
Android Application "GATTBrowser"
  • Android Application GATTBrowser
iOS/Android Application "RenesasBLE"

The iOS/Android application, "RenesasBLE" created by Renesas can be downloaded from each store. RenesasBLE operates in conjunction with sample programs and you can immediately experience Bluetooth® low energy. You can download all the sample programs for Android, iOS and RL78/G1D. You can immediately link what you experienced to the development.

Bluetooth® low energy Protocol Stack
Android Application "RenesasBLE"
  • Android Application RenesasBLE
iOS Application "RenesasBLE"
  • iOS Application RenesasBLE
Development Support
Application Note/Sample Code

Application notes are available for each hardware development process.

Principle Prototype/Evaluation
RL78/G1D Measurement Current ConsumptionDownload
RL78/G1D Guidelines for RF Board DesignDownload
RL78/G1D Board Design Data for Module Equipped with Evaluation Board
(Circuit diagram, BOM, Gerber data)
RL78/G1D Design Guidelines for a Pattern AntennaDownload
RL78/G1D Design of a Reference AntennaDownload
Certification of the Radio Law
RL78/G1D Acquisition of Certification of Technical Compliance with the Radio Law (Japan)Download
Certification of Bluetooth SIG
RL78/G1D Acquisition of Bluetooth CertificationDownload

The frequently asked questions for introducing RL78/G1D is summarized at the below link.

Bluetooth low energy

Examples of Applications/Examples of Utilization Technologies


Applications using the Bluetooth® low energy technology have started to be used widely in healthcare devices, and the use of the Bluetooth low energy technology is still expanding in a wide variety of applications for sports and fitness devices, smart home devices, industrial devices, beacon applications, etc.

Bluetooth ® low energy

Beacons are applications which continue to transmit ID/URL/vendor information for advertisement notification to smartphones and location detection through smartphones. As beacons must always continue to transmit radio waves, the most important thing is to operate them with low power consumption. Renesas offers stack exclusively for beacons, specialized in lower power consumption.

Protocol Stacks for each application
Device/Comprehensive Development EnvironmentDownload
Beacon devices (only advertising packet which does not accept connection requests)Beacon Stack
General Bluetooth low energy productsBLE Protocol Stack

Detailed technical description

Bluetooth ® low energy

Bluetooth® low energy is a low energy mode of Bluetooth® wireless technology. Bluetooth® low energy has an effect on power consumption especially for battery-operated applications. The attractive point of Bluetooth® low energy lies in that it can operate while being connected to applications for smartphones and tablets. Bluetooth® low energy can be used in new applications in many products including healthcare and fitness devices, home electric appliances, home automation, small devices and location information. Growth of IoT market will increase the number of products equipped with Bluetooth® low energy. Renesas is an associate member of Bluetooth SIG, Inc.

* Bluetooth® is a registered trademark of U.S. Bluetooth SIG, Inc.