The 4-20mA current loop is the dominate standard for sensor systems in many industries, primarily because it is the simplest option to configure and connect. It also uses less wiring and connections than other signals, therefore reducing overall system cost. In addition, in large locations, it is better for traveling long distances, since current doesn't degrade like voltage does.

This winning combination shows a possible receiver solution with Renesas’ precision digital power monitor (DPM), stable power source and low power processing capabilities of the Arm® Cortex-based RA2A1 MCU.

System Benefits

  • Low power and signal processing features of Renesas’ RA2A1 Arm® Cortex®-M23 microcontroller
  • Precision digital power monitoring with the ISL28022 and low current consumption
  • Stable voltage from Renesas’ ISL80101A for low-noise and high-PSRR applications
System Block Diagram

Winning Combinations

Renesas and IDT’s complementary product portfolios work together to deliver comprehensive solutions to our customers. This is just the beginning, with the combination of the Renesas and IDT development teams, there will more integrated solutions that provide significant advantages over traditional solutions.

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