Accurately and easily evaluate analog performance of high-precision analog front-end integrated in RX23E-A Group of RX Family


The RX23E-A Renesas Solution Starter Kit (RSSK) includes an RX23E-A mounted evaluation board with sensor measurement peripheral circuits. By using it with software downloadable from the website, users can start evaluating analog features right after unboxing. The kit helps users shorten development period and improve time-to-market.



  1. On-board RX23E-A flashed with sample program.
  2. Peripheral circuits necessary for sensor measurement.
    • Reference junction compensation circuit required for thermocouple measurement
    • 2-wire/3-wire/4-wire resistance temperature detector (RTD) measurement
    • Bridge-type sensor measurements, such as for strain gauge.
  3. Easy evaluation by GUI-based PC tool program
    • AFE parameters setting function
    • AD conversion result display function (time waveform, histogram)
    • Digital filter frequency response display
  4. K-type thermocouple packaged.
  5. Sample programs for thermocouple measurement, RTD, and strain gauge measurement available.
     (GUI and sample programs are released on web)
  6. Directly connect to E1, E2, and E2-Lite emulators (*1)
  7. Software development possible with only USB power supply.
  8. Plug-in connector for analog input and miniature thermocouple connector
  9. RS485 and CAN-driver ICs on-board.

*1. E1, E2 and E2-Lite emulators are sold separately.  


About RX23E-A

RX23E-A is a group from the RX MCU family with integrated high-precision analog front-end. Thanks to low noise and low drift of analog front-end features, the high-precision sensor measurement can be achieved with computation performance, system control, and communication in one chip. Refer to the RX23E-A product page for more detail.

RSSK Configuration and Evaluation Circuit

The kit consists of an evaluation board with the RX23E-A and peripheral circuits for sensor measurement, a K-type thermocouple, and is provided with the GUI and sample programs. These ready-to-use tools enable users to start evaluation of the A/D converter without hardware modification or software development.
The kit can be utilized to evaluate the measurements of thermocouples, RTD, and strain gauges, which are typical sensors in industrial equipment. Our evaluation of K-type thermocouples using the RSSK shows that the measured temperature error is within ±0.6°C under environments between -40°C and 85°C and the effective resolution is 19.4 bit, which means temperature deviation is equivalent to 0.0015°C at rms value. The measured temperature error, which is within the sensor error, validates the evaluation board as a reference design.
Refer to application notes for more details of each sensor measurement evaluation.

Block Diagram of Thermocouple Evaluation

Evaluation Results of Thermocouple Temperature Measurement


  •  Evaluation board
  •  Thermocouple (Type-K)
  •  PC tool program (*1)
  •  User's Manual (*1)
  •  Quick Start Guide (*1)
  •  Circuit diagram (*1, included in user's manual)
  •  Board diagram (*1, included in user's manual)
  • *1. Download from website.The PC tool program comes with the latest versions of sample programs.

Renesas Solution Starter Kit for RX23E-A

AFE parameter setting by GUI interface

A/D conversion display by GUI interface

This Renesas Solution Starter Kit contains necessary equipment to jumpstart industrial sensor application development, even without prior analog hardware design know-how.
This Renesas Solution Starter Kit contains necessary equipment to jumpstart industrial sensor application development, even without prior analog hardware design know-how.
This Renesas Solution Starter Kit contains necessary equipment to jumpstart industrial sensor application development, even without prior analog hardware design know-how.

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