The RX Family LCD Display Solutions provide everything needed for an HMI design. Includes microcontrollers with dedicated display functions, display kits with included demos to help kick-start evaluations immediately, and GUI editing software to facilitate GUI design and development.

RX LCD Display Solutions

Large-capacity RAM and Dedicated Hardware Features for LCD Display

  • The buffer required for display can be implemented in the high-speed and large-capacity RAM included on-chip with the MCU.
  • A built-in LCD controller provides support for various formats such as CLUT and RGB.
  • A built-in 2D drawing engine provides hardware assistance for vector drawing and BitBLT.
RX LCD Display

Required buffer capacity:

Panel Size Resolution Bit/pixel Buffer size (single) Buffer size (dual)
WQVGA 480 272 8 136KB 272KB
WQVGA 480 272 16 255KB 510KB
VGA 640 480 8 300KB 600KB
WVGA 800 480 8 390KB 780KB
Vector drawing engine
BitBLT function

GUI Development Tools Available From Partners

  • emWin for RX lightweight GUI library from Segger is available at no cost
  • Aeropoint GUI for RX from CRI Middleware allows GUI creation in PowerPoint, excellent color reduction technology and audio/video playback
  • Various tools such as Embedded Wizard from Embedded Wizard are supported

'Envision Kit' GUI Development Kit Series

  • Equipped with a pre-installed demo and onboard emulator to allow quick evaluation and to help get designs started right away
  • The RX65N Envision Kit is equipped with a WQVGA size LCD
  • The higher-end model RX72N Envision Kit is additionally equipped with audio/mic, Wi-Fi/BLE, Ethernet, and security features

Boards & Kits

Part Number Title Type Company
RX65N-Envision-Kit RX65N Envision Kit Evaluation
RX72N-Envision-Kit RX72N Envision Kit Evaluation