Reduce development time by more than six months with the use of the reference design containing both Battery Management IC (ISL78714) and ASIL-D rated MCU (RH850/P1M).

Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Niall Lyne. I work for Renesas Electronics and I will introduce today our latest battery management system.

In electric vehicles today, there's two key parameters, the state of health and state of charge. State of health of a vehicle determines the longevity of the battery in the vehicle, and the key parameters for that are accuracy of a device measuring the cells and the long-term drift of the device. And our device supports that.

The demo highlights our latest BMS device that we recently released, the ISL78714. On the demo, there are five of these devices measuring up to 70 cells. The demo also incorporates Renesas RH850 microprocessor that is ASIL-D rated.

The demo is also designed so a customer can use it straight away in his application. He can do measurements like EMI, EMC, and he can do accuracy measurements in his system. Some customers can save up to six to eight months of development time by just using our demo system straight out of the box.