The DA14531MOD-00DEVKT-P Bluetooth Low Energy Development Kit Pro for the DA14531 SmartBond TINY™ module includes a motherboard, daughterboard and cables. This kit is primarily used for software application development and power measurements.

The DA14531 is a family of Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) devices that operate at very low power levels while providing world-class RF performance. This device is available in a small footprint while still offering large flexibility in configuration of the on-chip interfaces, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.


  • Motherboard
    • A slot to connect a DA14531 PRO daughterboard which hosts either the DA14531-FCGQFN24 or the DA14531-WLCSP17 SoC
    • Power wiring configurations to allow the DA14531 PRO motherboard to operate in either buck, boost, or bypass modes
    • Dedicated hardware for current measurement
    • Single USB port to provide power and data interfacing to a PC
    • Onboard JTAG debugger
    • Virtual 4-wire UART port
    • DA14531 RESET line is controlled over JTAG by using an onboard push button
    • Onboard 2-Mbit SPI data Flash (MX25R2035)
    • Multiple voltage options (1.1V, 1.8V, 3.0V, and 3.3V) to supply the DA14531 SoC on the DA14531 PRO daughterboard
    • Support for coin cell battery (battery holder not included)
    • User LEDs and push buttons (to be used with a DA14531 FCGQFN24 PRO daughterboard)
    • Voltage translation for the JTAG and UART signals that allows the current leakage during system operation to be eliminated
  • Daughterboard (DA14531-00F1DB-P and DA14531-00OGDB-P)
    • Embedded printed antenna
    • RF port output (connector not included)
    • DA14531 power mode configuration switch (only for backwards compatibility with DA1458x DK PRO motherboard)
    • Current measurement port to connect external measurement equipment
    • Onboard JTAG connector
    • Support for coin cell battery (battery holder not included)



  • Beacons
  • Remote controls
  • Proximity tags
  • Low power sensors
  • Commissioning/Provisioning
  • RF pipe
  • Toys
  • Industrial applications
  • Data acquisition
  • Wellness
  • Infotainment
  • IoT
  • Robotics
  • Gaming


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Codeless Solution for DA14531MOD

This solution is the most ideal way to quickly and easily get started developing applications and products using the DA14531 Bluetooth® Low Energy SoC.