Today's mid- to high-end programmable logic controller (PLC) solutions implement powerful FPGAs or SoCs to enable state-of-the-art industrial automation equipment. Therefore, to fulfill the required power sequencing of such demanding components, a flexible setup based on a general-purpose RL78/G12 microcontroller and six discrete DC/DC regulators (with integrated power MOSFETs) enable an ultimate scalable power sequencing solution for a broad range of FPGA and SoC applications, while maintaining ease of use and low risk of failures during implementation.

System Benefits​:

  • Universal power supply with wide input voltage range from 4.5VDC to 18VDC.
  • Discrete DC/DC regulators for easy implementation.
  • Low-Iq LDO with fixed output voltage for microcontroller supply.
  • General-purpose RL78/G12 microcontroller in a 32-pin package.
  • DataFlash enables non-volatile data storage of parameters.
  • Flexible, programmable delays for Power-ON and Power-OFF events.
  • Monitoring of main input voltage via ADC of the microcontroller.
  • Reading the Power Good signals of each DC/DC converter.
  • Redundant monitoring of power rails with integrated 10-bit ADC to detect supply rail variations, increasing supply and overall system safety.

Target Applications:

  • All mid- and high-end applications leveraging FPGAs, SoCs, ASICs, MPUs, or communication DSPs which require dedicated power sequencing of their (multiple) power supply rails.
Flexible 6-Channel Power Sequencer