May 18, 2010

TOKYO, Japan, May 18, 2010 -- Renesas Electronics Corporation (TSE: 6723), a premier supplier of advanced semiconductor solutions, today introduced “Global & Green”, a new business vision for the company's core-competent microcontroller (MCU) business. The “Global & Green” vision represents Renesas Electronics' commitment to supplying region-specific solutions to boost global growth, and to providing MCUs and technologies that address the rising demand for energy conservation and the realization of an eco-friendly society.


1. “Global”: Supplying region-specific solutions to boost growth in the global markets

Renesas Electronics will offer MCU-based computerized solutions that target global markets, particularly in emerging countries like China. Especially for China for markets such as automobiles and home appliances, Renesas Electronics plans to address new customer demand by offering package solutions combining the company's MCUs and power devices, and by promoting collaboration with local design houses.

For markets such as Japan, Europe, and the Americas, Renesas Electronics will provide semiconductor products and technologies with added value to the customers to realize a more convenient and enriched society. For example, the company offers MCU products that enable automobiles to avoid collisions with pedestrians, white line recognition, and automatic preceding-vehicle tracking features.


2. “Green”: Supplying MCUs and technologies to contribute to the realization of an eco-friendly society

Today governments worldwide are implementing environmental policies, including the building of electric “Smart Grids” driven by communication and IT technologies with the aim of supplying power to customers efficiently and reliably as well as the promoting of hybrid vehicles and electric cars. To address these changes, Renesas Electronics offers MCUs for inverter-control applications that substantially contribute to reducing power consumption in products such as air conditioners and refrigerators. The company also provides technologies for the realization of “Smart Homes,” an efficient home-automation system using electricity meters.

Completing a merger transaction between NEC Electronics Corporation and Renesas Technology Corp., the newly established Renesas Electronics Corporation commenced business operations on April 1, 2010, focused on three areas of technology expertise, including MCUs, SoC solutions, and Analog & Power devices.

Renesas Electronics will build and execute various measures based on the “Global & Green” vision for its MCU business and plans to increase its aggregate total of flash MCU shipment from 3.85 billion units in March 2010, to 5 billion units by March 2011 and to reach 10 billion units by CY2015. In addition, the company intends to raise its foreign sales ratio from the current 50 percent to 60 percent within the next two years.


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