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Getting Started with Renesas Synergy™ Development

This page will guide you to understand the Synergy Platform and how to start development with Synergy Platform.
Watch the introduction videos of Synergy, buy and try with development kit, or listen to what our partners and customers have to say on the value of Synergy.
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Know the Elements of Synergy


Synergy Platform

Watch the overview of the Synergy Platform, the first software base microcontrollers platform providing a comprehensive and integrated solutions that is easy to use, scalable and secure.

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Synergy Microcontrollers

A wide range of Synergy MCUs can meet the scalability, power consumption, and performance needs of nearly any embedded systems end-product.

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Explore the Synergy MCU Series

Synergy Software

Provide a bundled, commercially-available and qualified software package. Embedded system developers can use the Synergy Software to immediately begin writing application code at the API level.

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Learn the Synergy Software

Synergy Tools & Kits

Offer a wide array of kits and design examples that demonstrate the platform's technical capabilities and time-saving work-flow.

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Find the Synergy Tools Kits

Start your Synergy Development

Reference - The Synergy Value Journey

  • case5Healthcare IoT Device by iWave

    The Renesas Synergy Platform has enabled iWave to develop their Healthcare IOT device in the shortest time with the greatest innovation. This is used for developing any healthcare monitoring system with a plug and play adapter card (with body temperature, ambient temperature and air pressure sensors) plugged into Renesas Synergy S7G2 series evaluation kit and uses MQTT IOT protocol for data communication.

  • case6Oartec “DX” Rowing Simulator Control System

    With Renesas Syngergy™ Platform, Amatek’s Oartec rowing simulator control system, delivers new features in the shortest time. Renesas Synergy S7 series MCU supports multiple connectivity options and leverages the benefits of the platform with a sophisticated programming environment for rapid product development.

  • more customer journey videos

    Case 1 Secure Door Access Reader by STYL Singapore

    Case 2 The Zephyr™ Air Quality Monitor by IntelliDesign Australia

    Case 3 IoT Aging In Place Healthcare Solution by Nextan Singapore

    Case 4 BLE Host SDK by RFCOM Singapore


The Synergy Knowledgebase collects all the articles related to the Synergy Platform in a single easy to search location. You will find links to key documents, FAQs on important topics, How To Articles illustrating step by step methods for using Synergy Platform elements, and a host of other useful information.

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