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Renesas MCU Car Rally

MCU Car Rally

Renesas MCU Car Rally 2018 is coming up

For the fourth time, student teams from all over Europe will face each other in an exciting competition at the embedded world trade fair in Nuremberg, Germany on 1st March 2018. The race will take place directly at the “Entrance Mitte” and will be held from around 10 am to 3 pm.


The task is to build a self-guided model car from a basic car kit with all components supplied by Renesas. The sensors in front are able to detect a white line on the track. The challenge is to optimize the hardware and software that auto drives the car along the white line on the track.


We are excited to welcome 30 teams from Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, Italy, Kosovo, Romania, Slovenia, Serbia, Turkey and the UK to the Renesas MCU Car Rally 2018. We can’t wait to see who will build the fastest race car this year!


MCU Car Rally

Visit the MCU Car Rally website (Registration for 2018 has closed)

MCU Car Rally

See how 2017‘s competition went



Also visit the Renesas booth in Hall 1 / 1-310 to see our products, talk to our technology experts and get in touch with HR staff to check out job opportunities. And don‘t forget to pay a visit to the Student Day, sponsored by Renesas.