Today's mid- to high-end programmable logic controller (PLC) solutions implement powerful FPGAs or SoCs to enable state-of-the-art industrial automation equipment. Therefore, to fulfill the required power sequencing of such demanding components, a flexible setup based on a general-purpose RL78/G12 microcontroller and six discrete DC/DC regulators (with integrated power MOSFETs) enable an ultimate scalable power sequencing solution for a broad range of FPGA and SoC applications, while maintaining ease of use and low risk of failures during implementation.

System Benefits​:

  • Universal power supply with wide input voltage range from 4.5VDC to 18VDC.
  • Discrete DC/DC regulators for easy implementation.
  • Low-Iq LDO with fixed output voltage for microcontroller supply.
  • General-purpose RL78/G12 microcontroller in a 32-pin package.
  • DataFlash enables non-volatile data storage of parameters.
  • Flexible, programmable delays for Power-ON and Power-OFF events.
  • Monitoring of main input voltage via ADC of the microcontroller.
  • Reading the Power Good signals of each DC/DC converter.
  • Redundant monitoring of power rails with integrated 10-bit ADC to detect supply rail variations, increasing supply and overall system safety.

Target Applications:

  • All mid- and high-end applications leveraging FPGAs, SoCs, ASICs, MPUs, or communication DSPs which require dedicated power sequencing of their (multiple) power supply rails.
Flexible 6-Channel Power Sequencer
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Flexible MCU-based 6-Channel Power Sequencer

This is a Flexible 6-Channels power sequencer for a PLCs PoC Board. The design allows the board users to perform two main functionalities: a power-up sequence, and a power-down sequence using the GUI targeted for their specific application. The delays between regulators (enable and disable) are individually programmable via the GUI. The delays for the Power OFF Sequence are limited by the maximum time that the input capacitors can buffer and are heavily dependent on the load of each regulator. If longer delays are required for the Power OFF Sequence, an additional electrolytic capacitor is required.

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