The ISL91117 is a highly-integrated boost switching regulator for battery powered applications. The device provides a power supply solution for products using dual-cell or three-cell alkaline, NiCd or NiMH, or one-cell Li-ion or Li-polymer battery. This device is capable of delivering an output current of 1. 5A with PVIN = 3. 3V and VOUT = 5V. The use of a synchronous rectifier maximizes efficiency at high loads. No-load quiescent current of only 35µA optimizes efficiency under light-load conditions. Forced PWM and/or synchronization to an external clock may also be selected for noise sensitive applications. The ISL91117 is designed for standalone applications and supports 5V fixed output voltage or variable output voltages with an external resistor divider. Power supply solution size is minimized by a 2. 34mm x 1. 72mm WLCSP and a 2. 6MHz switching frequency, which allows for the use of tiny, low-profile inductors and ceramic capacitors to minimize the size of the solution.


  • Input voltage range: 1.8V to 4.8V
  • Fixed 5V or adjustable output
  • Output current: up to 1.5A (PVIN = 3.3V, VOUT = 5V)
  • High efficiency: up to 96%
  • 35µA quiescent current maximizes light-load efficiency
  • True input-output disconnect when disabled
  • 2.6MHz switching frequency minimizes external component size
  • Selectable forced-PWM mode and external synchronization
  • Fully protected for short-circuit, over-temperature and undervoltage
  • Small 2.34mm x 1.72mm WLCSP


  • Smart phones and tablets
  • Wireless communication devices
  • Products including portable HDMI and USB-OTG


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star ISL91117 Datasheet データシート PDF 856 KB
AN9208: High Frequency Power Converters アプリケーションノート PDF 592 KB
AN1681: Grounding Techniques アプリケーションノート PDF 509 KB
AN1684: Nonideality of Ground アプリケーションノート PDF 397 KB
AN9210: A New Pspice Subcircuit For The Power MOSFET Featuring Global Temperature Options アプリケーションノート PDF 650 KB
AN9209: A Spice-2 Subcircuit Representation For Power MOSFETs Using Empirical Methods アプリケーションノート PDF 387 KB
AN7244: Understanding Power MOSFETs アプリケーションノート PDF 349 KB
ISL91117 iSim:PE Model 回路図 SXSCH 212 KB
Five Easy Steps to Create a Multi-Load Power Solution ホワイトペーパー PDF 846 KB



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iSim:PE Offline Simulation Tool Simulator iSim Personal Edition (iSim:PE) speeds the design cycle and reduces risk early in any project, identifying parts that can be used in current as well as next-generation designs. Renesas


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ISL91117IIA-EVZ Highly Integrated Boost Switching Regulator Evaluation Board Evaluation Renesas