The R-Car Consortium brings together system integrators, middleware/application developers, and operating system and tools vendors who are developing solutions for the Connected Car, ADAS and Gateway market. With highly reliable and technically advanced SoCs from Renesas, and end-to-end development support, customers can get optimal solutions for their requirements. Members of the Consortium receive evaluation boards and software to help co-develop advanced Connected Car & ADAS solutions.

The R-Car Consortium aims to lead the Connected Car, ADAS and Gateway market through:

  • Collaboration with partners
  • Mutual cooperation to provide new value to customers
  • Enhancement of development environment and support system to accelerate development
  • Implementation of next-generation Connected Car, ADAS and Gateway solutions

*About R-Car Market Place

R-Car Market Place provides information on solutions with Renesas R-Car system-on-chips (SoCs) for automotive applications. Please contact the following e-mail address regarding account registration: [email protected]
Please refer to the introduction to R-Car Market Place here: R-Car Market Place Overview (PDF)

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News & Events

News Release: Renesas Launches Virtual Development Environment for Fast Automotive Application Software Development and Evaluation April 12, 2022
News Release: Renesas Unveils R-Car V4H for Automated Driving Level 2+ / Level 3 to Support High-Volume Vehicle Production in 2024 March 8, 2022
News Release: Renesas’ Innovative Automotive Chips Drive Next-Generation Multimedia System for Toyota Lexus Oct 26, 2021
News Release: Renesas Unveils Automotive Gateway Solution Based on New R-Car S4 SoCs and PMICs for Next-Generation Vehicle Computers Oct 6, 2021
News Release: Renesas to Support ISO/SAE 21434 Standard for Future Automotive Microcontrollers and System on Chip Devices Oct 6, 2021
News Release: Renesas Accelerates Deep Learning Development for ADAS and Automated Driving Applications Sep 21, 2021
News Release: Renesas Launches R-Car Gen3e With Up to 20 Percent Higher CPU Speed for Automotive Infotainment, Cockpit, and Digital Cluster Systems Jul 20, 2021
News Release: New Renesas Solution For Automotive Cameras Enables High-Definition Video Using Low-Cost Cables and Connectors Jul 13, 2021
25th Seminar report Jun 4, 2021
News Release: Macronix Chosen as Proactive Partner of Renesas R-Car Consortium May 12, 2021
News Release: Renesas Introduces Complete Power and Functional Safety Solution for R-Car V3H ADAS Camera Systems Mar 30, 2021
News Release: Renesas and LUPA Accelerate Automotive Smart Camera Development with Open Platform Turnkey Solutions Feb 24, 2021
News Release: Renesas Develops Automotive SoC Functional Safety Technologies for CNN Accelerator Cores and ASIL D Control Combining World-Class Performance and Power Efficiency Feb 17, 2021
News Release: Renesas Updates Popular R-Car V3H with Improved Deep Learning Performance for Latest NCAP Requirements Including Driver and Occupant Monitoring Systems Feb 9, 2021
News Release: Renesas Collaborates with Microsoft to Accelerate Connected Vehicle Development Jan 12, 2021
News Release: LeddarTech Expands its Collaboration with Renesas to Accelerate Autonomous Driving and ADAS Development Dec 17, 2020
News Release: Renesas Accelerates ADAS and Automated Driving Development with Best-in-Class R-Car V3U ASIL D System on Chip Dec 17, 2020
News Release: Renesas and FAW Establish Joint Laboratory to Accelerate Development of Next-Generation Smart Vehicles for China’s Automotive Market Dec 16, 2020
Renesas Automotive Seminar with R-Car Consortium report Dec 14, 2020
News Release: StradVision selected as a member of Renesas R-Car Consortium Proactive Partner Program Oct 28, 2020
News Release: Renesas Shifts Mobility System Development Into High Gear With Its New Online Market Place for R-Car SoC Oct 27, 2020
24th Seminar report May 29, 2020

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