The R-Car Consortium brings together system integrators, middleware/application developers, operating systems and tools vendors who are developing solutions for the Connected Car, ADAS and Gateway market. With highly reliable and technically advanced SoCs from Renesas, and end-to-end development support, customers can get optimal solutions for their requirements. Members of the Consortium receive evaluation boards and software to help co-develop advanced solutions.

The R-Car Consortium aims to lead the Connected Car, ADAS and Gateway market through:

  • Collaboration with partners
  • Mutual cooperation to provide new value to customers
  • Enhancement of development environment and support system to accelerate development
  • Implementation of next-generation Connected Car, ADAS and Gateway solutions

For Customers / Partners

For Partners



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European R-Car Consortium Forum 2019 - Click "Read More" to expand the video list

R-Car Consortium 2020 Proactive Partner Solutions - Click "Read More" to expand the video list

How to Use the R-CAR Solution Matching System

Discover how to use the R-CAR Solution Match System (SMS), featuring practical use cases such as partner search, solution exploration, and information comparison. This guide provides a step-by-step walkthrough for leveraging SMS.

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