For chassis systems, the volume of information from sensors is increasing due to the need to coordinate with advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). Thus, high-speed communication functions as well as high information processing capabilities are needed.

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Electric Power Steering (EPS)

As part of the efforts to make their vehicles more environmentally friendly, carmakers have increasingly been switching from hydraulic steering assist systems to electric power steering (EPS) using electric motors in order to reduce weight and boost fuel efficiency.

Brake System

There are many types of brake systems, including ABS, antiskid functions for maintaining vehicle stability, regenerative braking and brake control systems for hybrid and electric vehicles, and central vehicle control systems supporting interoperation with other systems such as the engine.

Airbag System

The use of satellite collision sensors in airbag systems is increasing, with the aim of providing a higher level of passenger safety in the event of an accident. MCUs must deliver powerful performance in order to be able to process at high speed the large volume of data input by these sensors.

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