Smart Analog Easy Starter is a GUI evaluation tool for designing the analog front-end circuit of Smart Analog devices and editing analog circuit data while observing the waveforms on a computer screen. Circuit design can be performed easily by operating a mouse on a computer screen using a Smart Analog evaluation board manufactured by Tessera Technology.


  • GUI tool for Smart Analog evaluation board
  • Perform circuit design and customization using a circuit block diagram style GUI.
  • The circuit data (register values, etc.) you create can be displayed in a list, saved, and restored
  • AFE register files created in the Renesas VA online simulator can be imported*1
  • Edit circuit data while observing waveforms in Easy Starter
  • Generate C source code for circuit design*2
  • Generated C source code is compatible with files generated by SA-Designer (project not registered to CS+)
  • Notes:
    1. AFE register files created in Renesas VA cannot be imported to Smart Analog Easy Starter 101.
    2. Except interface C source code.

Release Information

Hardware Requirements

Supported OS Windows® 7, Windows Vista®, Windows® XP SP3
CPU At least 1 GHz (multicore CPU supported)
Main memory At least 1 GB
Display At least 800 x 600
Interface At least 1 USB port that supports USB 1.1
Other software requirements in addition to Windows OS Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0 USB driver for target board

Target Devices


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Synergy Download


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PDF 1.54 MB 日本語 Application Note
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Additional Details

  Smart Analog Easy Starter 101 Smart Analog Easy Starter
Supported evaluation boards Smart Analog IC101 RSK Option Board TSA-OP-IC101 Smart Analog IC Evaluation Board TSA-IC300
Smart Analog IC Evaluation Board TSA-IC301
Smart Analog IC Evaluation Board TSA-IC500*3
Smart Analog Stick (RL78/G1E Stick Starter kit) RL78/G1E-STICK
Supported devices Smart Analog IC101 Smart Analog IC300
Smart Analog IC301
Smart Analog IC500
Smart Analog IC501
Smart Analog IC502
Smart Analog MCU (RL78/G1E)

Please download USB drivers for TSA-IC300 and TSA-IC301 for Windows 7, Windows XP, and Windows Vista from Tessera Technology's website:
TSA-IC300/301 USB drivers