[Product Overview]

RZ/G Multi-OS Package is the software package consisting of RZ/G Flexible Software Package (FSP) as software package for Renesas MCU with Arm® Cortex-M Core and OpenAMP as standardization API of framework for interprocessor communication for developing multi OS solution.
Please refer following documents to learn how to use this software package.
Release Note for RZ/G Multi-OS Package (PDF)

For Flexible Software Package(FSP), please refer to the following documents.
Release Note for RZ/G Flexible Software Package v2.0.1 (PDF)
Getting Started with Flexible Software Package (PDF)

RZG multi-os package system architecture


  • Small memory footprint HAL driver.
  • Configurator / Code generator that can be operated intuitively.
  • Communication between CA55 and CM33 by OpenAMP.

[Update log]

Apr 26, 2024 RZG Flexible Software Package Documentation
Apr 24, 2024 RZ/G MULTI-OS Package V2.0.2
Feb 29, 2024 RZ/G FSP Example Projects V2.00
Feb 16, 2024 RZ/G FSP(v2.0.1)
Feb 16, 2024 RZ/G MULTI OS Package V2.0.1
Jan 9, 2024 RZ/G FSP(V2.0) with e2 studio 2024-01 installer for windows
Nov 30, 2023 RZ/G FSP Example Projects V1.00
Oct 31, 2023 RZ/G2L MULTI OS Package V1.22
Apr 28, 2023 RZ/G2L MULTI OS Package V1.21
Nov 18, 2022 RZ/G2L MULTI OS Package V1.2
Nov 18, 2022 RZ/G2L FSP(V1.2) with e2 studio 2022-04 installer for windows
Sep 7, 2022 RZ/G2L Multi-OS Package V1.12
May 30, 2022 RZ/G2L Multi-OS Package V1.11
Apr 27, 2022 RZ/G2L Multi-OS Package V1.10
Apr 27, 2022 RZ/G2L FSP(v1.10) with e2 studio 2022-04 installer for Windows
Jan 21, 2022 RZ/G2L Multi-OS Package V1.02
Nov 30, 2021 RZ/G2L Multi-OS Package V1.01
Jul 30, 2021 RZ/G2L Multi-OS Package V1.00
Jul 30, 2021 RZ/G2L FSP(v1.00) with e2 studio 2021-07 installer for Windows

Target Devices


Type Title Date
Software & Tools - Software
[Software=RZ Verified Linux Package|V3.0.5;RZ/G3S Board Support Package|V1.0.0],[Toolchains=GNU Arm Embedded|v9.2.1.20191025]
Log in to Download ZIP 1.44 MB Compiler: GNU ARM Embedded IDE: e2 studio
Software & Tools - Software
[Toolchains=GNU ARM Embedded|v9.2.1.20191025]
Log in to Download EXE 36.12 MB
Application: Consumer Electronics, Industrial
Compiler: GNU ARM Embedded Function: Application Example, BSP, I/O or Pin, Memory, OS, Other peripherals, Software Package, Timer IDE: e2 studio
2 items


Type Title Date
Application Note PDF 11.91 MB
Release Note PDF 884 KB
Application Note PDF 237 KB
Manual - Software
Tool News - Note PDF 146 KB 日本語
Application Note PDF 4.80 MB
Release Note PDF 194 KB
Application Note PDF 1007 KB
Guide PDF 2.65 MB
9 items

Design & Development

Sample Code

News & Blog Posts

Additional Details

Operating Environment

Integrated development environmente2 studio Integrated Development Environment, default toolchain is GCC Arm Embedded
Supported boardRZG2L Evaluation Board Kit
EmulatorSEGGER (J-Link Series)

Support Device

Multi-OS PackageVerified Linux PackageFlexible Software PackageSupport Device
V2.0.1V3.0.5 [5.10-CIP]V2.0.1RZ/G2L, RZ/G2LC, RZ/G2U

(*1): Please use RZ/G3S Board Support Package V1.0.0 [5.10-CIP].

Support Driver Software

CategoryFunctionFlexible Software Package V2.0.1
I2C Communication Interface (rm_comms_i2c)
Sensor modules (rm_hs300x, rm_hs400x, rm_zmod4xxx)
Driver ListBoard Support Package (BSP) for FSP (bsp)
GPIO (r_ioport)
GTM (r_gtm)
INTC_irq (r_intc_irq)
GPT (r_gpt)
POEG (r_poeg)
RIIC_master (r_riic_master)
RSPI (r_rspi)
SCIFA_uart (r_scif_uart)
MHU (Message Handling Unit)
(r_mhu_ns, r_mhu_s, r_mhu_ns_swint_get, r_mhu_ns_swint_set)
CANFD (r_canfd)