RA Smart Configurator supports the new device RA8M1 group, 480 MHz Arm® Cortex®-M85 Based Microcontroller with Helium and TrustZone®.

The Renesas RA Smart Configurator (RA SC) is a desktop application that helps you in configuring software systems (including a Board Support Package (BSP), drivers, RTOS, and middleware) for RA-Family MCUs when you are using a third-party IDE and toolchain.

You need to download the platform installer included FSP (Flexible Software Package) to use RA Smart Configurator .
For details, see Release Information.

Release Information

MCUSupported IDEs and user guidesLatest Ver.
e² studioIARArm Keil
RAe² studio plug-in
RA SC User Guide for MDK and IAR


  1. The package of the e² studio includes this plug-in.

Target Devices

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Additional Details


Creating Projects for the IDEs from Renesas Partners

You can create projects for EWARM from IAR Systems or the Keil MDK from Arm.

Create EWARM and Keil MDK project
When creating a new project, you can select whether to create it for EWARM from IAR Systems or the Keil MDK from Arm.

Creating a Project that Supports TrustZone®

You can create a project that supports TrustZone® or a flat project that does not support TrustZone®

Secure project
Secure Project
Non secure project
Non-secure Project
Flat project
Flat Project

Reading and Changing the State of a Device that Supports TrustZone®

You can read and change the state of a device that supports TrustZone®

Read and modify device status

For a device that supports TrustZone®, you can use the Renesas Device Partition Manager (RDPM) to check and change the state of the device lifecycle management (DLM), make the memory partition settings, and restore the state of the device to that at the time of shipment.

Setting Pins

You can set pins via a GUI and verify and resolve cases where conflicting functions are assigned to the same pins.

Pin settings
[Pins] page (showing each peripheral function)
You can set the pins to be used for each peripheral function on the [Pins] page.
FSP Visualization view
[FSP Visualization view]
The [FSP Visualization] view shows used pins, unused pins, and pins to which conflicting functions are assigned in different colors to allow easy confirmation of the overall state.

Adding and Deleting Threads and Objects

You can add and delete threads, FSP module instances, and kernel objects on the [Stacks] page and change each of the properties in the [Properties] view.

FSP Smart Configuration