Software Component List

For detailed information on the software component that is included in the E8a emulator software, please refer to the E8a Emulator Software Component List (PDF | English, 日本語)

Migration from E8 to E8a

Switchover from E8 to E8a

The E8a uses the same connecting functions (connector and circuit) as the E8 when connecting to the user systems. Hence, there is no need to change the user's board. However, in order to use the E8a with the workspace generated by the E8, the installation of software for the E8a and the addition of sessions are required.

For the guide about the method to add sessions for the E8a to the workspace for the E8, see Guide to Migration from E8 to E8a (PDF | English, 日本語).

What's Improved?

  • New microcomputers for on-chip debugger are supported. (M16C/65 Group etc.)
  • About 60 percent smaller in volume and its plastic case is made from a biodegradable material (vegetable-based polylactide [PLA])
  • Adopted a general connector as a user interface cable
Adopted a general connector as a user interface cable.


  • Addition of new MCUs to the E8 family has been finished. For information on the E8 version, see E8 Release Information.