The DA14531 SmartBond TINY™ Development Kit Pro (DA14531-00FXDEVKT-P) is the most ideal way to quickly and easily get started developing applications and products using the DA14531 Bluetooth® Low Energy (LE) system-on-chip SoC.

The DA14531-00FXDB-P is the FCGQFN24 daughterboard for the DA14531 Development Kit Pro's motherboard.



  • Connected consumer
    • Beacons
    • Smart labels
    • Remote controls
    • Proximity tags
    • Connected watches
    • Stylus pens
    • Computer mice
    • Toys
    • Low power sensors
    • Bluetooth LE add on "BLE pipe" to existing applications
  • Connected medical
    • Connected injectors
    • Inhalers
    • Glucose monitors
    • Smart patches
    • Blood pressure meters
    • Thermometers
  • Automotive
    • Tire pressure
    • Monitoring systems
    • Low power wireless sensors


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