The RAA2S4253B is a member of Renesas’ family of CMOS integrated circuits for highly accurate amplification and sensor-specific correction of differential bridge sensor signals. Featuring a maximum analog pre-amplification of 900 with analog sensor offset correction (XSOC), the RAA2S4253B is adjustable to nearly all resistive bridges.

Conditioning calculation is accomplished via a 16-bit RISC microcontroller. Calibration coefficients and configuration data are stored in the nonvolatile memory (NVM), which is reliable in automotive applications.

Measured values are provided via a ratio-metric analog output signal. End-of-line calibration is also supported through this output pin via a One-Wire Interface (OWI). Digital calibration helps keep assembly cost low as no trimming by external devices or lasers is needed. The RAA2S4253B is optimized for harsh automotive environments by over-voltage and reverse polarity protection circuitry, excellent electromagnetic compatibility, and multiple diagnostic features.


  • Product developed in compliance with ISO26262:2018 ASIL B
  • Capable of measuring one full resistive bridge sensor signals
  • Temperature measurement using external diode/PTC/TCR or internal (PTAT) sensor
  • Large sensor offset correction using analog offset compensation and digital zooming with up to 18-bit resolution
  • Higher digital resolution, fast OUR output update rate by ADC & sharp roll-off by digital LPF
  • Ability to cover large sensor span & high accuracy (0.35% - 1.0%) over the entire temp. range (-40°C to 150°C)
  • Qualified according to AEC-Q100 Grade 0
  • Optimized for harsh automotive environment
  • Over-voltage and reverse polarity protection ±40V, robust EMC performance, and multiple diagnostic features
  • Minimal EOL (end-of-line) production costs during mass production
  • QFN-24 as package option
  • Analog output



  • Pressure sensing in braking, transmission and HVAC applications
    • xEV
    • Plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV)
    • Battery electric vehicle (BEV)
    • Fuel-cell electric vehicle (FCEV)


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