With more than 20 years of industry experience, Renesas is an expert in providing sensor technologies that enable our customers to design and build best-in-class sensor solutions. As we expand the breadth of our sensor technologies, Renesas will create unique and differentiated sensor solutions.

  • Breadth of Experience – Bringing decades of knowledge, know-how, and data from our technologies today into our solutions for the future
  • Trusted, Reliable Partner – A proven supplier who has shipped millions of parts into major consumer, automotive, and data center applications
  • Best-in-Class Performance – Featuring low-power, high-accuracy solutions meeting ISO 26262, Automotive EMC, and JEDEC memory module requirements


Environmental Sensors

Sensors for humidity and temperature, VOCs, NO2, and O3, H2, PM2.5, and CO2

Flow Sensors

Solid-state flow sensor modules (flow meters) for measuring liquids and gases

Industrial Radar Sensors

Integrated 4D imaging radars

Optical Sensors

Ambient light sensors, proximity sensors and laser diode driver solutions

Position Sensors

Contactless magnet-free position sensors for immunity to magnetic stray fields

Sensor Signal Conditioners (SSC/AFE)

Resistive and capacitive sensor signal conditioner ICs for best-in-class sensor solutions

Automotive Sensors

Sensors for light and position sensing and sensor signal conditioning ICs


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Sensors for Better Living

Whether we know it or not, we interact with sensors everyday. Smart sensors monitor the air quality, temperature and humidity levels in our homes, our schools, our buildings, and factories. They monitor our environment to improve our health, making our lives safer. Renesas is making it easier to design complex inter-connected sensor systems that work seamlessly together, offering you, the designer, complete sensor systems, from microcontrollers, sensors, networking technology, supporting software and, hardware, to machine learning algorithms….. that enables you get your design to market faster. 

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