The Renesas Zero-Distortion™ and Glitch-Free™ pin-compatible IQ demodulator products offer the world’s lowest power consumption and the world’s lowest IM3 distortion while at the same time resulting in less than 0.5dB overshoot ringing during MSB gain transitions. Similarly, the Renesas Zero-Distortion™ IQ modulator products provide very high IP3 and IP2 performance resulting in superb ACLR performance compared to competitive devices.

About IQ Modulators and IQ Demodulators

An IQ modulator is used in a radio transmitter to modulate or encode data onto a sine wave by changing the amplitude and phase of the signal in a very orderly and precise way. I and Q refer to: “I” the in-phase component of the wave and “Q” is the quadrature (90-degree phase difference between the signals) part of the signal. A modulator is much easier to implement by manipulating the phase and amplitude of the individual I and Q signal components versus trying to precisely change the amplitude and phase of a sine wave directly.

An IQ demodulator is used in a radio receiver and essentially does the opposite of an IQ modulator. That is, the IQ demodulator strips the data off of a modulated signal by creating I and Q (amplitude and phase) components of the signal, so the data can be interpreted.


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