The WP15WBD-RK evaluation kit demonstrates 15W wireless power transfer and bidirectional data communication between a transmitter (Tx) board with the P9242-R3 wireless power transmitter IC and a receiver (Rx) board with the P9221-R3 wireless power receiver IC. The bidirectional data communication channel enables users to authenticate a wirelessly charged receiver device with a specific charging transmitter base or to transfer system data without any additional hardware.

This evaluation kit adds bidirectional communication to Renesas’s standard, WPC 1.2 compliant, 15W transmitter P9242-R and receiver P9221-R evaluation kits without compromising any existing features. Its main contents are the transmitter P9242-R3-EVK Evaluation Board and the receiver P9221-R3-EVK Evaluation Board. 


  • Supports bidirectional data communication 
  • Enables device authentication and system data transfer
  • Up to 15W of power transfer
  • 87% end-to-end efficiency 
  • Flexibility to program key parameters
  • Intuitive Renesas I²C Lite GUI 
  • Base kit is WPC 1.2 complaint



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Wurth 15W Bi-Directional Communication Kit

This short video reviews the Wurth 15W bi-directional wireless power communication kit and how to power it up and use the GUI to evaluate the bi-directional data communication feature, presented by Gopi Akkinepally, product marketing manager for Renesas Wireless Power products.