The P9415-R-EVK Wireless Power Evaluation Board serves to demonstrate the features and performance of the 9415-R 15W Wireless Power Receiver with WattShare™ mode.

The Renesas P9243-GB-EVK Evaluation Board or any other Qi certified Extended Power Profile (EPP) transmitter can be used as the power transmitter for P9415-R-EVK Evaluation Board testing. The P9415-R-EVK demonstrates a high-efficiency, turnkey reference design supported by comprehensive online, digital resources to significantly expedite design-in effort and enable rapid prototyping. Using the P9415-R Windows GUI, customers can quickly customize operating parameters for their custom applications. WPD-USB-DONGLE is required to connect P9415-R-EVK with the windows GUI and needs to be ordered separately.


  • Receives up to 15W of power from Qi Extended Power Profile (EPP) Transmitter
  • Transmits up to 5W of power in WattShare™ (TRx) mode
  • WPC1.2.4 Extended Power Profile (15W) compatible
  • WPC 1.3 Specification hardware ready
  • Up to 87% system efficiency in Receiver mode
  • Uses thin profile receiver coil (0.3mm)
  • Score line to break the applications circuit for prototyping
  • Easy configuration of design parameters using P9415-R Windows GUI
  • Connector compatible with “WPD-USB-DONGLE” USB to I2C dongle
  • 4-layer PCB with 1oz. copper
  • Extensive support collateral: Schematics, Layout files, BOM
  • Supports Bi-Directional communications
  • X-Y alignment coils embedded in the PCB
  • Embedded 32-bit ARM® Cortex®-M0 processor
  • Supports I2C 400kHz standard interface and GPIOs



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Getting Started with the P9415-R Reference Design

Video shows how users can use the P9415 reference design board to evaluate the performance in Receiver and WattShare (TRx) mode and customize the design using windows GUI.