Renesas is a leader in wireless power receiver IC solutions for wireless charger applications, addressing all major standards and technologies with an extensive portfolio of standards-certified products. Renesas offers Qi standard solutions to meet the needs of next-generation portable devices. The highly flexible, high-efficiency, and compact designs are ideal for use in a myriad of portable devices where time to market, battery life, and physical size are a primary concern. Typical applications include smartphones, tablets, and related accessories, although wireless power brings unique benefits to applications in almost all market segments.

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Qi-Compliant Wireless Power Receiver ICs

The Renesas Qi-compliant wireless power receiver IC s enable OEMs to develop portable devices that are fully compatible with any Qi-compliant charging base. The devices function by converting an AC power signal from a resonant tank into a regulated 5V output voltage, which can be used to supply power to the mobile system. For the best efficiency, Renesas offers compact solutions with an integrated synchronous full bridge rectifier, high-efficiency buck converter, and control circuits. Ultra-compact wireless power receiver ICs swap out the buck converter for a 5V LDO to minimize PCB area requirements. All devices provide output power up to 5 watts in accordance with the WPC Qi specification.

About Wireless Power Receivers

At a high level, wireless power receiver ICs are intelligent devices used to take an incoming AC supply from the receiving coil and convert it into a well-regulated DC supply voltage for use in the system. Wireless power receiver ICs will generally integrate a full-bridge rectifier and linear or switching voltage regulator, along with all the necessary communication and control circuitry necessary to comply with the wireless power standard.

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How to Use P9222-R EVB and GUI

This video provides a quick overview of how to setup and evaluate the P9222-R evaluation board, use the GUI, and customize a new design presented by Gopi Akkinepally, product marketing manager for Renesas Wireless Power products.