The RAA211230 is an integrated 24V, 3A synchronous buck regulator with current mode constant on-time (COT) control. The RAA211230 features comprehensive protection including input undervoltage lockout (UVLO), overcurrent protection (OCP), output undervoltage protection (OUVP), and over-temperature protection (OTP).


  • 4.5V to 24V input supply range
  • Up to 3A output current
  • Integrated high-side (85mΩ) and low-side (45mΩ) MOSFETs
  • 400μA quiescent current
  • Minimum on-time of 60ns & minimum off-time of 275ns
  • 0.765V reference voltage with 2% accuracy
  • PFM mode under light load condition 
  • Current mode Constant On-Time (COT) control with internal compensation
  • Internal 0.8ms soft start time
  • Protection: Low-Side Overcurrent (LSOC) limit, input Undervoltage Lockout (UVLO), Over-Temperature Protection (OTP), Output Undervoltage Protection (OUVP) with
  • Hiccup Mode
  • Accurate EN threshold 
  • 6 LD TSOT23 package




  • General purpose
  • Industrial power supplies
  • Embedded systems and I/O supplies


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Compact Buck Regulators with COT Control

Renesas’ RAA211230/320 family of synchronous buck regulators are integrated with current mode constant on-time (COT) control which enables fast transient response while shrinking the output filter size. Visit renesas.com/cot-regulators to learn more about how these high performance, compact and pin-compatible COT regulators will make designing your power supply easy!