The Non-Isolated AC/DC Buck Converter family from Renesas is a series of universal input AC/DC switching buck regulators that feature a 700V integrated MOSFET capable of delivering up to 8W output power, with the output voltage as low as 3.3V, with variable package options. It features a unique constant-off-time control method that helps to achieve ultra-low standby power, negligible EMI, and no audible noise. This product family also supports secondary-side-feedback isolated flyback topology.

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RAA2230xx Non-Isolated AC/DC 700V Buck Regulator Family

The innovative RAA2230xx family of 700V non-isolated AC/DC buck regulators delivers ultra-low-power consumption, excellent noise and EMI suppression, as well as reduced overall system cost for a wide range of applications, including home appliances, sensing systems, white goods, power meters and industrial controls.

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