The ISL6745AHEVAL5Z (high line) and ISL6745ALEVAL5Z (low line) are low cost, high performance LED drivers with power factor correction (PFC). They use Renesas' ISL6745A voltage mode PWM controller to operate a flyback converter in discontinuous conduction mode (DCM) for PFC. The design gives high flexibility on both input and output conditions. With the same circuit configuration, they work well with wide range of TRIAC dimmers. The brightness of the LED can be well controlled by the dimmers with flicker free operation. This driver circuit can be used for various LED lighting applications. The number of LEDs in a string can be as many as 9 to 12. The output current can be set to different levels from 350mA to 1A. Therefore, the evaluation boards can demonstrate high performance solutions for wide range of LED lighting applications.


  • VIN: 160~270VAC (ISL6745AHEVAL5Z), 90V~144V (ISL6745ALEVAL5Z)
  • IO = 350/500/700mA/1.05A; VO = 32/48V, PO(MAX) = 33W
  • Isolated, flyback converter
  • Active single-stage PFC, PF > 0.95
  • TRIAC dimmable (by "open loop dimming") with inrush current control
  • OCP: Pulse-by-pulse OCP at switching frequency
  • OVP: OVP for output open circuit protection
  • Efficiency: 80%
  • Dimension (L×W×H): 129 x 25 x 29mm3
  • Recommended LED load: 1 String of 9~12 LEDs (350mA LED)



  • Half-bridge converters
  • Full-bridge converters
  • Line-regulated bus converters
  • AC/DC power supplies
  • Telecom, datacom and file server power


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