The iW9860 digital AC/DC controller integrates Renesas’ patented quasi-resonant (QR) valley mode switching technology with both CCM and DCM operation to enable ultra-small, light-weight, low-cost, and easily portable power supplies for smartphones, tablets, and other portable products. The iW9860 supports USB Power Delivery 3.0 with PPS at output powers up to 63W. It pairs with Renesas’ iW760 secondary-side IC, which integrates fast charge protocol support, USB Type-C® control, and synchronous rectification FET control.

Using proprietary intelligent power-saving technology, the iW9860+iW760 chipset consumes less than 5mW no-load standby power, ideal for adapters and chargers that are left continuously connected to AC mains.

The iW9860 further reduces the total power supply BOM count and system cost by integrating innovative gate driving and EMI reduction technologies, resulting in very low EMI power supplies using a minimum of external components. The iW9860’s adaptive QR mode also allows the use of smaller passive components, further reducing the overall BOM cost.

For the lowest total BOM count and < 20mW standby power, please see the iW9861.


  • Zero standby power
    • <5mW no-load power consumption (includes iW760 secondary-side IC power consumption)
  • Adaptive quasi-resonant (QR) control with DCM and CCM operation
    • Reduces overall transformer and passive component sizes
  • Adaptive, seamless multi-mode control (MMC) improves efficiency and eliminates audible noise
  • Intelligent gate drive technology removes the need for external EMI reduction components
  • Supports voltage sensing with dual polarity of VCC auxiliary winding for optimized EMI and transformer design
  • Small SOT23-6 package enables single-side PCB design when paired with the iW760
  • AC unplug detection
  • Rich protection for:
    • Over-voltage (OVP)
    • Over-current (OCP)
    • User-configurable over-temperature
    • Shoot-through
    • Brown-in/brown-out 
    • VSENSE/ISENSE short
    • Output short
    • Extra primary-side OCP & OVP if optocoupler fails
  • Supports USB Power Delivery 3.0 with PPS (iW760)
  • Hardwired state-machine solution prevents hacking of fast chargers. Learn more



Zero standby power, low-cost, light-weight 63W RapidCharge™ AC/DC power supplies and adapters for smartphones, tablets, in-wall power outlets and other portable devices using USB PD


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