The RZ/V2H AI MPU evaluation kit (RTK0EF0168C04000BJ) is used to evaluate Renesas' RZ/V2H quad-core vision AI MPU. The kit includes a CPU board and an expansion (EXP) board. It supports RZ/V2H standard software packages and enables easy implementation of software development tasks such as low power consumption AI inference and video streaming. Additionally, this evaluation kit supports optional functions like the image signal processor (ISP), 3D graphics engine (GE3D), and Trusted Secure IP.


  • RZ/V2H Secure Evaluation Board (CPU Board):
    • PMIC: RAA215300
    • Clock generator: 5L35023B
    • Main memory: LPDDR4X 8GB × 2
    • xSPI Flash memory: 64MB
    • External memory: Micro SD × 2
    • High-speed interface:
      • Gigabit Ethernet × 2 ports
      • USB 3.2 Gen2 × 2ch (Host only)
      • USB 2.0 × 2ch (On-the-Go (OTG) x 1ch, Host x 1ch)
      • PCIe® Gen3 × 1ch (4 lanes max)
      • MIPI® CSI-2® × 4ch
      • MIPI DSI® × 1ch
      • GPIO: 86 pins
  • RZ/V2H-EVK Expansion Board (EXP Board):
    • HDMI® Tx × 1
    • Audio AUX connector × 1ch
    • Audio MIC connector × 1ch
    • Audio HP connector × 1ch
    • Pmod™ × 4
  • Box Content:
    • RZ/V2H Secure Evaluation Board
    • RZ/V2H-EVK Expansion Board
    • FFC
    • Heat sink with fan
    • USB cable (type micro B – type A)

Note: AC adapter is not included. A standard USB Power Delivery adapter supporting a 100W power supply should be used with the platform.



  • Robotics
    • Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV)
    • Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR)
  • Factory Automation (FA) Machine Vision
  • Smart Retail


Type Title Date
Manual - Development Tools PDF 1.42 MB 日本語
Manual - Hardware PDF 40.81 MB
2 items

Design & Development

Software & Tools

Software & Tools

Software title
Software type
RZ/V series AI Apps & AI SDK (GitHub)
The AI SDK enables easy and rapid development of AI applications using Renesas' RZ/V series evaluation kits. Additionally, it offers a range of AI applications free of charge.
Software Package Renesas
RZ/V2H AI Software Development Kit
RZ/V2H AI Software Development Kit (AI SDK) is an AI application development environment for the RZ/V2H Evaluation Board Kit.
Software Package Renesas
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Software Downloads

Type Title Date
PCB Design Files Log in to Download ZIP 18.21 MB
PCB Design Files Log in to Download ZIP 2.47 MB
2 items
RZ/V2H AI Applications Tutorial Getting Started V3.00

This video shows how to run AI applications on RZ/V2H Evaluation Board Kit (EVK), using RZ/V2H AI Software Development Kit Version 3.00.

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RZ/V2H AI Software Development Kit

Chapter's Title & Time

00:00 Opening
00:46 Preparation
03:39 Set up AI SDK
07:56 Run the Application
23:18 Ending