Higher specification of processing performance with dual-core Arm® Cortex®-A57 (1.5GHz) and with 3D graphics and 4K video encoder/decoder.

As a software platform for this product, Renesas provides the Verified Linux Package, which includes the Linux Kernel, middleware drivers, and basic software for this product. The Verified Linux package is verified and provided by Renesas. (For Android™ and other operating systems support, please contact your local sales representative or distributor).

Android is a trademark of Google LLC.


  • Highest level of computing performance
    • Calculation performance of about 12.3 thousand DMIPS
  • ECC function indispensable for the system’s high reliability
    • ECC support for both L1/L2cache, DDR/IF
  • 384KB System RAM
  • Built-in high-speed interface (USB 3.0, PCIe, Gbit-Ether)
  • 4K compatible H.265 decoder, H.264 decoder/encoder installed
  • Equipped with 3DGfx engine Power VR ideal for embedded devices
  • Security function for communication, data, and program protection




Design & Development

Software & Tools

Software & Tools

Software title
Software type
RZ/G Verified Linux Package [5.10-CIP]
Linux Packages for MPUs of the RZ/G2 Group. Functions of this products have been verified and regular maintenance is also provided.
Software Package Renesas
RZ MPU Multimedia Package for RZ/G2H, RZ/G2M, RZ/G2N, and RZ/G2E [5.10-CIP]
This package adds H.264/H.265 Video codec and graphics (OpenGL ES) function to RZ/G2H, RZ/G2M, RZ/G2N, and RZ/G2E.
Software Package Renesas
RZ Smart Configurator
RZ Smart Configurator is a utility for combining software in ways that meet your needs. It simplifies the embedding of Renesas drivers in your systems through supports for importing middleware and drivers and configuring pins.
Solution Toolkit Renesas
RZ MPU HTML5 (Gecko) Package for Verified Linux Packages [5.10-CIP]
HTML5 (Gecko) package for RZ/G. This package is used in combination with the Linux package provided for the device.
Software Package Renesas
RZ/G Verified Linux Package for 64-bit Kernel [4.19-CIP]
The Linux package which is for 64bit processors and offered by Renesas contains ported and tested basic software that is necessary for the industrial segment, in a software package for which operation and performance has been verified based on a datasheet. It enables you to start using a stable Linux environment and basic software immediately, so you can concentrate on developing your application.
Software Package Renesas
RZ MPU Security Package
Security Package for RZ MPUs. This package is used in combination with the Linux package provided for each device.
Software Package Renesas
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