The RZ/Five microprocessor includes a RISC-V CPU Core (AX45MP Single) 1.0 GHz, 16-bit DDR3L/DDR4 interface. And it also has many interfaces such as Gbit-Ether, CAN, and USB 2.0, making it ideal for applications such as entry-class social infrastructure gateway control and industrial gateway control.

There are two package options. Please refer to the RZ/Five Overview for the differences in the functions supported by each.
13 x 13 mm Package Part Number: R9A07G043F01GBG#BC0
11 x 11 mm Package Part Number: R9A07G043F00GBG#BC0

The RZ/Five 13 x 13 mm package is also pin compatible with the RZ/G2UL (Type 1).


  • 64-bit RISC-V/AX45MP (Single)
  • DDR4 or DDR3L memory interface
  • Memory error detection / correction (ECC)
  • Gigabit Ethernet 2ch
  • CAN interface (CAN-FD) 2ch
  • USB 2.0 interface 2ch
  • SD interface 2ch
  • AD converter 2ch
  • 13 x 13mm BGA package、11x11mm BGA package


CPU RISC-V (AX45MP Single) Cortex-A55 x 1 + Cortex-M33 x 1
Lead Count (#) 361 361
Operating Freq (Max) (MHz) 1000 1000
Ethernet Remarks Gigabit Ethernet: 2ch or 1ch Gigabit Ethernet: 2ch or 1ch
CAN (ch) 2 2
Display Function Remarks Display Function: No Parallel Interface
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  • IoT gateway
  • Industrial gateway


Document title Document type
Date Date
ZIP 16.10 MB Manual - Hardware
PDF 477 KB 日本語 Guide
PDF 446 KB 日本語 Flyer
ZIP 230.15 MB Application Note
ZIP 1.03 MB Application Note
ZIP 2.85 MB Application Note
PDF 213 KB Application Note
PDF 172 KB Application Note
PDF 449 KB Application Note
PDF 209 KB Application Note
PDF 316 KB Application Note
PDF 432 KB Application Note
PDF 319 KB Application Note
PDF 169 KB Application Note
PDF 499 KB Application Note
PDF 162 KB Application Note
PDF 165 KB Application Note
PDF 12.68 MB 日本語 Brochure
PDF 19.79 MB 日本語 Brochure
PDF 14.70 MB 日本語 General Reliability Literature
PDF 1.86 MB Guide
PDF 2.65 MB Guide
ZIP 3.70 MB Manual - Development Tools
PDF 3.77 MB Manual - Development Tools
PDF 420 KB Manual - Hardware
PDF 342 KB Manual - Software
PDF 1.23 MB Manual - Software
ZIP 10.81 MB Manual - Software
PDF 10.28 MB 日本語 , 简体中文 Other
PDF 410 KB Product Reliability Report
PDF 630 KB Release Note
PDF 314 KB Release Note
PDF 387 KB Release Note
PDF 336 KB Release Note
PDF 155 KB Release Note
PDF 222 KB Release Note
PDF 283 KB Release Note
PDF 218 KB Release Note
PDF 285 KB Release Note
PDF 227 KB Release Note
PDF 371 KB Technical Update
PDF 429 KB Technical Update
PDF 535 KB Technical Update
PDF 478 KB 日本語 , 简体中文 White Paper
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Design & Development

Software & Tools

Software & Tools

Software title
Software type
RZ/Five Board Support Package V1.0-update1 [5.10-CIP]
Linux Packages for MPU of the RZ/Five. Please read the release note before using this product.
Software Package Renesas
RZ Smart Configurator
RZ Smart Configurator is a utility for combining software in ways that meet your needs. It simplifies the embedding of Renesas drivers in your systems through supports for importing middleware and drivers and configuring pins.
Solution Toolkit Renesas
RZ/Five Verified Linux Package [5.10-CIP]
Linux Packages for MPUs of the RZ/Five. Functions of this products have been verified and regular maintenance is also provided.
Software Package Renesas
RZ MPU WebUI Package for Verified Linux Package [5.10-CIP]
This product provides a WebUI package for RZ MPUs: WebUI is a web-based management tool that provides a user interface (UI) to users over a network.
Software Package Renesas
RZ MPU Security Package
Security Package for MPUs of the RZ/G2L Group, RZ/V2L and RZ/Five. This package is used in combination with the Linux package provided for each device.
Software Package Renesas
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Software Downloads

Software title Software type
Date Date
ZIP 12.29 MB PCB Design Files
ZIP 20.06 MB PCB Design Files
ZIP 701.25 MB
Application: Consumer Electronics, IoT Applications
Function: BSP, OS, Software Package
Software & Tools - Other
ZIP 36.12 MB
Application: Consumer Electronics, IoT Applications
Function: BSP, OS, Software Package
Software & Tools - Other
7Z 973.14 MB
Application: Consumer Electronics, IoT Applications
Function: BSP, OS, Software Package
Software & Tools - Other
ZIP 599 KB
Application: Consumer Electronics, Industrial, IoT Applications
Software & Tools - Other
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Boards & Kits

Boards & Kits



Title Type Type Date Date
ZIP 12 KB Model - BSDL
ZIP 20.31 MB Model - IBIS
ZIP 1.79 MB Model - Other
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64-Bit RISC-V General-Purpose MPU for IoT Edge

RZ/Five provides a new platform for high-performance IoT Edge solutions. Learn the advantages of RISC-V CPU, and how to easily scale development across RISC-V and Arm cores.