A detection system for solo (one-person) working with alert notification, based on “VisionPose” which is an original AI-Engine of Pose Estimation by NEXT-SYSTEM. This system can take measures against unexpected accidents and crime prevention, especially in situations where multiple people are working together. Deliver unique Pose Estimation technology with low power efficiency with the Dynamically Reconfigurable Processor for Artificial Intelligence (DRP-AI) of the RZ/V MPU series.

Partner Video: Area Intrusion Detection RENESAS x VISIONPOSE



  • Easy to handle by ‘Markerless-type’
    • Able to detect solo working via video signal from a camera without any wearable device
  • Anomaly detection in a specific area recognizing each part of a human body
    • Judgment by skeletal frame information, able to recognize each part individually
  • Real-time detection
    • Support real-time AI inference to get skeletal frame information
  • Implementable to Edge devices
    • Embed this AI-Engine to an AI camera and other edge devices for rapid operation
  • Support Network camera (IP-camera)
    • Compatible with network (IP) cameras and able to monitor the congestion status in stores and monitor security.




  • Medicine Manufacturing
  • Server Rooms
  • Production Floors
  • Banks, Finance Organizations
  • Warehouses


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