The Remi Pi is a resource-rich, compact board based on the Renesas RZ/G2L processor and provides a wealth of software resources and documentation. Software materials include, but are not limited to, U-boot, Linux, all peripheral driver source code, and related development tools. Documentation includes product manuals, hardware user manuals, hardware design guides, backplane PDF schematics, Linux software evaluation and development guides, and more. MYIR aims to provide developers with stable reference designs and a complete software development environment, which can effectively help developers improve development efficiency, shorten development cycles, optimize design quality, and accelerate product development and time to market.



  • The Remi Pi is compatible with the Raspberry Pi expansion module, facilitating product prototyping and innovative applications.
  • The Remi Pi is equipped with a Dual [email protected] CPU, a Cortex-M33@200MHz MCU, a 3D graphics acceleration engine for Arm Mali-G31, and support for video codecs. In addition, this microprocessor also supports camera interface (MIPI-CSI/Parallel IF), display interface (MIPI-DSI/Parallel-IF), USB 2.0, UART, CAN interface, Gigabit Ethernet interface, etc.
  • The Remi Pi is a compact board with rich interfaces, which provides rich software resources and documentation, and the software system supports Debian/Ubuntu/Linux and other operating systems.




  • Industrial HMI
  • Embedded equipment with video capabilities


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