IoT83 has developed this cloud-based platform that helps create end-to-end Vision AI applications and load models to RZ/V series MPUs in the Renesas Virtual Lab, for detailed real-world validation of the Vision AI models. The solution supports RZ/V2M and RZ/V2L evaluation boards, with standard models (e.g., ONNX format), a DRP-AI translator to convert any ONNX pre-trained model into executable binary. This solution performs AI inference while reporting key metrics such as FPS, FPS/Watt, Inference Time, etc.



  • Zero-Touch client onboarding allows users to simply sign up and start using the service.
  • A highly streamlined workflow for smart edge model building and validation on RZ/V MPUs.
  • Users can build and validate different smart edge models and validate in Renesas Virtual Lab.
  • SaaS/multi-tenant Application Enablement Platform allows easy solution expansion




  • Allow OEMs to add Vision AI Intelligent Edge Solutions according to the product needs.
  • Accelerate new Cloud/Edge Convergence AI-IoT solutions for smart building, smart city, retail, security, manufacturing, service, and maintenance applications


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