The "uC3+Linux" can achieve a coexistence of Linux with RTOS on the RZ/G. It also provides the communication capability between them. The "uC3+Linux" uses an OpenAMP standardized by Multicore Association to inter-OS communication, and so, it makes it possible to be a Multi-OSs on both Heterogeneous type processor and Homogenius's one. Also, by using the simultaneous start-up boot sequence, it can achieve the fast bood of RTOS side. In addition, we implemented our unique shared memory API and so user can communicate a big data, as a graphic one, between Linux and RTOS. If you are worried about Linux side, we can provide a technical support, software development and consulting about the Linux.

Supported MCUs are RZ/G2x and RZ/G1E.

For more information, please contact eForce Co., Ltd (e-mail: info@eforce.co.jp)