Based on 30 years of software development experience, DeepEye is a software developed by combining advanced technologies such as machine learning,and even engineer without AI development experience can easily deploy AI models. It seeks real-time performance by co-working with RZ/V series.



  • No requirement on prior specialized knowledge of AI / Machine Learning
    • An AI model can be developed by using a simple GUI and easy to understand steps without any prior AI/machine learning knowledge.
  • Features needed to improve AI accuracy are available by default.
    • Support different pre-processing functions such as splitting and data bulking.
  • Supports various platform
    • It operates in various environments such as Windows, Linux and Cloud.




  • Visual inspection of industrial parts, etc.         
  • Detection of people, cars, etc. in marketing.     
  • Optical character recognition (OCR).     
  • Installation check of electronic boards, etc.
  • Workplace safety monitoring.
  • Determination of growth of cells, etc.


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