[Product Overview]

RZ/G2L CM33 Multi-OS Package is the software package consisting of RZ/G2L Cortex-M33 Flexible Software Package (FSP) as software package for Renesas MCU with Arm® Cortex-M Core and OpenAMP as standardization API of framework for interprocessor communication for developing multi OS solution.


  • Small memory footprint HAL driver.
  • Configurator / Code generator that can be operated intuitively.
  • Communication between CA55 and CM33 by OpenAMP.

[Target Reference Boards]

RZG2L Evaluation Board Kit

[Update log]

Jul 30, 2021 RZ/G2L Multi-OS Package V1.00
Jul 30, 2021 RZ/G2L FSP(v1.00) with e2 studio 2021-07 installer for Windows


[Development environment]

  • e2 studio IDE
  • SEGGER J-Link

devicesTarget Devices



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