The Renesas Demonstration Kit (RDK) for RL78/G13 is an evaluation and demonstration tool for Renesas RL78/G13 microcontrollers. The goal is to provide the user with a powerful debug and demonstration platform targeted at common applications. To aid in the evaluation of the RL78 family of microcontrollers, we include IAR's Embedded Workbench Kickstart Edition for the RL78. This full-featured tool suite allows for up to 16KB of application code to be implemented on the RL78/G13 RDK. To facilitate programming the RDK, the IAR tools support the Renesas TK Debugger which is on-board the RL78/G13 RDK.

Package Content

  • 32MHz RL78/G13 MCU board with integrated debugger and huge peripheral set including matrix LCD, IR transmit and receive, FET, and isolated Triac.
  • USB Debugger Cable
  • Installation DVD containing:
    • IAR Embedded Workbench for RL78 Kickstart Edition
    • Quick-Start Guide
    • RL78/G13 Sample Projects
    • Documentation (User's Manual, Data Sheets, and more)
  • Quick-Start Guide (color print)

What is PMOD™?

PMODs are small I/O interface boards that offer an ideal way to extend the capabilities of our MCU evaluation and demo boards. It can be found on RDKs and RSKs. PMODs communicate with system boards using 6, 8 or 12-pin connectors. Pmods include sensors, I/O, data acquisition and conversion, connectors, external memory, and more.

  • Convenient low pin-count daughter card format
  • Peripheral module: PMOD
  • Trademarked by Digilent Inc.
  • Low cost (connector/cards)
  • Open and royalty-free
  • Typically 12-pin connector
    • 6-pin format is also available
  • 2 slots in each RDK
    • UART/SPI/I2C
  • Provide power to cards



  • Stereo audio driver connected to the PWM interface
  • Volume Control Potentiometer
  • Micro SD card interface for audio and data files
  • PWM controlled FET circuit for load control applications
  • Isolated Triac and drive circuit for Triac load control
  • 3-Axis Accelerometer (Digital)
  • User pushbutton switches
  • RS-232 Interface
  • I2C, SPI with Debug through the Beagle connector from Total Phase
  • On-board Renesas TK Debugger source code debugging
  • User circuit breadboard area
  • Digital Light Sensor for reading lux



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