This AS048 2100W, single-plate induction cooktop design, using the iW248 smart IGBT driver and controller single-chip ASSP offers high-efficiency and high-reliability performance. The design gives the flexibility to adjust the power in ±10W steps, which allows the users to cook at the simmering condition. The RL78/G15-based HMI card offers a low pin count, multiple matrix switch, LED indication, and a 7-segment display. Additionally, a capacitive touch sensing unit (CTSU) enables robust capacitive touch, which senses properly in wet conditions. Over-temperature detection using three negative temperature coefficient resistors (NTCs) is provided in the design.


  • Integrated ASSP design offers a low-cost, low-component count system.
  • AC input, IGBT voltage spike detection, and current sense using the iW248 help with fast protection response. It is a digital controller with analog driver blocks using a state machine that offers much faster response.
  • Patented low-power technology, provides adjustability to ±10W allowing users to cook at the simmer condition.
  • Operates in constant current or constant power mode as per the VCE voltage detection.
  • Three-temperature detection option with adjustable settings.
  • Adjustable overvoltage cutoff and recovery register settings.



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In this demo, users can test features like 200W to 1500W power control, and they can also test the power variation in ±10W steps, which allows the users to cook at the simmering condition.