The R9A06G150 RISC-V MCU ASSP is specifically optimized for voice and sound triggered human machine interfaces. Alongside ecosystem partners, this provides a complete, production-ready keyword spotting and recognition system solution. With 100 MHz performance, 256/128/16 KB of Flash/RAM/DataFlash memory, advanced digital and analog microphone input and playback interfaces, small package, and memory expansion options, the R9A06G150 provides the foundation for a turnkey voice HMI solution including Renesas specialized partners' software.

The chip is manufactured by Renesas and pre-programmed at the factory with specialized application code developed by IDHs (independent design houses), third parties with demonstrated specialized expertise in the development and integration of keyword spotting and voice driven user interfaces with proven customer support capability, to bring the projects to completion and secure the successful transition to the mass-production stage. The strongly collaborative solution with the IDH is fundamental value proposition and the key to success. The end-product is composed of the combination of Renesas hardware and third-party software.


  • Enabling innovative voice command HMI
    • 100MHz CPU with DSP instructions, floating-point extension and cost optimized specification
    • Specialized audio PDM & SSI I/F for seamless connection to state-of-the-art microphones and codecs. Compatible with low-cost analog microphones and outputs.
    • Low power consumption by optimal mix of lowest active current, reduced standby current, background operation, SRAM power-off choices, fast wakeup, low power timers.
    • Controlled by external host I/F via SCI/UART, SPI, I3C or I2C
    • Small package support for cost and integration effectiveness (QFN 48, 32, 24).
    • 256KB program flash / 128KB RAM memory, 16KB data flash
    • QSPI interface for easy memory expansion
  • Shortest time to market with pre-developed software
    • Customizable parameters & application options
    • Supported by easy-to-use PC GUIs/configuration tools
    • Controlled by external host I/F
    • Complete reference design: hardware, software, kit, tools, hardware datasheet, software datasheet, GUI manual, app notes
  • Add voice control functionality with cost effective solution
    • Avoid upfront toolchain investment
    • No specialty expertise required
  • Production-ready solution software and hardware




  • Home/Building Automation
  • Consumer
  • Healthcare
  • Interactive toys
  • Intelligent mirrors and displays
  • Home appliances such as air conditioners, heating systems, lighting control, access controls


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An overview of the RISC-V ASSP, specifically optimized for voice controlled human machine interface systems. Alongside ecosystem partners, this provides a complete, production-ready voice control systems. Visit the RISC-V ASSP page for more details.