The Renesas Synergy™ microcontroller (MCU) family is designed for end applications ranging from connected mobile devices for the IoT market to high-performance embedded systems controllers. With a range of performance, features, and pin compatibility within each series, Synergy MCUs deliver the scalability, power consumption, code-reusability, and performance needs of the embedded market.

The revolutionary Synergy Platform will change the life of embedded design engineers for the better thanks to enabling the start of development at the Application Programming Interface (API) layer, allowing creativity to be focused on the differentiation of individual applications and resulting in reduced time to market, lower cost of ownership and the removal of barriers to entry.

Additionally, Renesas offers the Product Longevity Program (PLP) to help customers select the most appropriate part for applications that require long life cycles.

Synergy Hardware

Synergy S1 Series

S1 Series - Low Power

Maximize battery life in portable sensor and control applications with the S1 Series.

Synergy S5 Series

S5 Series - High Integration

Extend productivity with the tightly integrated and high-performance S5 Series.

Synergy S3 Series

S3 Series - High Efficiency

Stretch application efficiency with optimized power for performance in the S3 Series.

Synergy S7 Series

S7 Series - High Performance

Manage high-performance, computer-intensive applications with the flagship S7 Series.


Synergy Kits

Synergy Kits

Evaluate the Synergy Platform quickly and start developing applications with the right Synergy Kit for the project. Synergy application projects are available for all kits.

Synergy Software

Synergy Software Package (SSP)

Commercial software worth over $100K which is available to developers using the Synergy Platform for no charge and with unlimited production license rights. The production-ready SSP is fully tested, maintained, and supported by Renesas.

Download SSP

Development Tools


Designed to accelerate time to market through rapid code development, Synergy Tools facilitate file management, software and MCU configuration, code generation, compilation, debugging, and intuitive graphic interface design. All Synergy Tools, support, development seats, and maintenance are included with the Synergy Platform.

Software Add Ons

Software Add-Ons extend the functionality of the SSP to enable a wide range of specialized functions, including communication protocols, extended security functions, and cloud services.

Partner Projects

Synergy-compatible software from partner companies for secure, connected IoT solutions.

Synergy Graphics Solution

Included in the Synergy Software Package, GUIX is an advanced, industrial-grade GUI solution designed specifically for deeply embedded, real-time, and IoT applications.

Additional Resources

Why Synergy?

Accelerate development, reduce total cost of ownership, and lower barriers to entry.

Components of Synergy MCUs

Synergy MCUs offer core functions and peripheral components that maximize the re-use of software from one project to the next.

Product Longevity Program (PLP)

Renesas offers the Product Longevity Program (PLP) to help customers select the most appropriate part for applications that require long life cycles.

Product Selector: Renesas Synergy™ Platform MCUs

Explore our catalog of products through our parametric product selector tool. Compare specifications across various parameters to find the right part for your design.

Product Selector


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