SmartAxiom IoT Management Secured from Endpoint-to-Cloud with Blockchain Technology

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SmartAxiom software manages and secures IoT devices through a patented, lite blockchain technology running among those devices at the edge of the Internet – enabling them to defend themselves. Our peer-to-peer distributed ledgers improve security, latency, reliability and manageability. Now deployed on Renesas MCUs and MPUs, SmartAxiom has uniquely created the first true endpoint-to-cloud blockchain solution. SmartAxiom’s IoT Smart Contracts push intelligence to the edge by securely deploying automations, permissions and updates. This RA Ready Solution is widely applicable and proven in smart buildings, production, logistics & vehicles.

Key Features

  • Easy evaluation and development: Proven on Renesas RA MCUs and RZ MPUs
  • Low latency: Local response much faster than cloud / server based security
  • Redundant and Reliable: No single point of failure at security server or its network connection
  • Scalable & Flexible: Distributed ledgers enable keyless peer authentication eliminating costs and certificate management complexity
  • Secure: To break the system the majority of the nodes have to be hacked between transactions


SmartAxiom Diagram

Target Markets and Applications

  • Smart Buildings and Cities – secure control and automation
  • Logistics – raising trust in tracking devices and accelerating the supply chain
  • In and between vehicles – a car can defend itself and be an endpoint in a larger system
  • Industrial IoT – securing the smart factory

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IoT Management Secured from Endpoint-to-Cloud with Blockchain Technology
IoT Management Secured from Endpoint-to-Cloud with Blockchain Technology for the Renesas RA Partner Ecosystem
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