This product is a CPU board for motor control equipped with RA4T1. Motor control using RA4T1 can be easily realized by using it in combination with a supported inverter board.

By using a supported communication board, the CPU board can be electrically isolated from the PC for safe motor control evaluation and debugging.


  • Compatible with Renesas Motor Workbench, a motor control development support tool
  • Equipped with on-board debugger circuit



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Manual - Development Tools PDF 789 KB 日本語
Application Note PDF 3.35 MB 日本語
Application Note PDF 2.54 MB 日本語
Application Note PDF 2.69 MB 日本語
Application Note PDF 2.89 MB 日本語
Application Note PDF 3.24 MB 日本語
Application Note PDF 3.95 MB 日本語
Application Note PDF 3.59 MB 日本語
Application Note PDF 926 KB 日本語
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Software & Tools

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Renesas Motor Workbench
Renesas Motor Workbench is a development support tool for debugging, analyzing, and tuning motor control programs.
Solution Toolkit Renesas
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