Aizip’s glass break detection solution provides accurate detection of the glass break sound for home and office protection. This solution operates completely on the edge without requiring an internet connection. When a glass break event is detected, the module promptly sends an alarm to the system. Our compact and efficient TinyML model has undergone rigorous testing to ensure optimal operation on RA4E1 and RA6E1 group MCUs for a wide range of IoT applications. This turnkey solution is compatible with any Renesas RA MCU without the need for additional configurations. Furthermore, it is capable of supporting other sound event detection, such as animal cries, baby cries, gunshots, and more.



  • Edge operation eliminates the need for an internet connection to detect glass break sound
  • Detection and inference are done locally on the device
  • Provides continuous audio monitoring in the home or office environment to detect a glass break event
  • Inference engine model retrain allows changing the type of sounds detected
  • Aizip's leading efficient AI technologies deliver high accuracy and low false warnings




  • Smart Cities
  • Smart Homes
  • Smart Sensors
  • Building Automation
  • Consumer Electronics


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Renesas & Aizip RA4E1 Glass Break Detection