The R0K5726B0C000BR is a CPU Board to evaluate function s and performance of the Renesas electronics Corp. RISK microcomputer, SH726B, and to develop and evaluate application software.

Product Information

CPU CPU board part number Memory CPU mounting
SH726B R0K5726B0C000BR
  • SDRAM (16 MB)
  • Serial flash memory (16 MB) × 2


Item Specifications
  • Input (XIN) clock: 12 MH
  • CPU clock (Iφ): Up to 216 MHz
  • Bus clock (Bφ): Up to 72 MHz
  • Peripheral clock (Pφ): Up to 36 MH
  • Peripheral clock (Pφ): Up to 36 MH
    • High-speed on-chip RAM: 64 KB
    • Large-capacity on-chip RAM: 1.25 MB
External memory
  • SDRAM: 16 M
  • Serial flash memory: 16 MB × 2
  • USB connector (series A receptacle): 2
  • SD card slot:
  • LAN connector (RJ-45): 1
  • Serial port connector (D-sub 9-pin): 1
  • CAN port connector (3-pin, pin header): 1
  • Character LCD interface connector (14-pin): 1
  • CD deck connector: 1
  • H-UDI port connector (14-pin): 1
  • Through-holes for expansion connectors: 3
  • Through-holes for RSK-specification common ring connectors: 4
  • Through-holes for RSK-specification application headers: 5
  • Power supply LED: 1
  • User LEDs: 4
  • LAN status LEDs: 3
  • Reset switch: 1
  • User switches: 3
  • Key input switches: 16
  • 150 × 180 mm
  • Mounting form: PCB (4-layer, double-sided)
  • Number of boards: 1
  • CD-ROM (user's manual, installation manual, and sample program)
  • Release notes
  • AC adapter and 4 types of plugs
  • Character LCD

Prepare the following items (not included in this product)

  • SuperH RISC engine C/C++ compiler package
  • E10A-USB emulator


This product does not come with any development tools. Before using this CPU board, please prepare the following development tools separately.

  • SuperH RISC engine C/C++ compiler package
  • E10A-USB emulator

User's manual

SH726B CPU Board R0K5726B0C000BR User's Manual (PDF | English, 日本語)

Board design data other

Please refer to from the download details. (download)

Sample Code

Please refer to from the download details. (download)


  • Serial flash memory can be used as boot memory.
  • A serial port (RS-232C) connector, USB connectors, a CAN connector, and an SD card slot as standard peripheral function interfaces for the SH726B.
  • Audio DAC, audio codecs, and other audio interfaces, a CD deck interface, and a character LCD module connector are installed, so advanced development of an audio system is possible.
  • The USB connectors use the standard series A receptacle. The board pattern also allows for the mounting of a Mini-B receptacle for USB host/function module evaluation.*1
  • A LAN connector is equipped as standard, and software development and evaluation using Ethernet is possible.
  • 16 key input switches (4 × 4 AD inputs) that can be used for user interface are installed as standard.
  • The pins of the built-in peripheral functions of the SH726B connect to Renesas Starter Kit (RSK)-specification common ring connectors and application headers, so users can perform timing evaluations with a peripheral device that uses a measurement device, or develop an expansion board for their development needs.
  • SH726B sample programs*2 and other software and tools necessary for advanced development of software are available.
  • An H-UDI connector (14-pin) is provided to connect the Renesas E10A-USB emulator*3.
    *1. Only USB port 0 can be used as a USB function module. When using as the USB function module, use a commercially available connector converter for series A to B, or remove the series A receptacle and connect the Mini-B receptacle. (When connecting a Mini-B connector, it is also necessary to change the pull-up/down resistance.)
    *2. Sample programs for microcontroller peripheral functions. (SPI multi-I/O bus controller, etc.)
    *3. Sold separately.

Documentation & Downloads

Title Other Languages Type Format File Size Date
User Guides & Manuals
SH726B CPU Board R0K5726B0C000BR User's Manual 日本語 Manual PDF 2.93 MB
SH726B CPU board R0K5726B0C000BR PCB layout pattern diagram 日本語 Design File ZIP 1.19 MB
SH726B CPU board R0K5726B0C000BR Schematic circuit diagram 日本語 Design File ZIP 225 KB
SH726B CPU Board R0K5726B0C000BR Schematic Circuit Diagram Design File PDF 193 KB
SH726B CPU Board R0K5726B0C000BR Pattern Diagram Design File PDF 1.44 MB
SH726B CPU Board R0K5726B0C000BR BOM List Design File PDF 185 KB
SH726B CPU board R0K5726B0C000BR Flash memory download sample program (FMTOOL) 日本語 Sample Code ZIP 73 KB
SH726B CPU board R0K5726B0C000BR Basic sample code (blinking LED/output RS-232C string message) 日本語 Sample Code ZIP 268 KB

Software / Tools

Title Type Description Company
C/C++ Compiler Package for SuperH Family Compiler/Assembler C/C++ Compiler package for SuperH RISC engine Family. Simulator debugger and High-performance Embedded Workshop included.
E10A-USB Emulator On-chip debugging emulator for SuperH RISC engine, H8SX and H8S Family. Renesas