The SH7269 CPU Board is mounted with the SH7269 MCU SH2A-FPU core, 266. 67 MHz, 256-pin package.


Item Specification
  • SH7269
    • Input (XIN) clock: 13.33 MHz
    • CPU clock (Iφ) : 266.67 MHz at maximum
    • Internal bus clock (Bφ) : 133.33 MHz at maximum
    • External bus clock (CKIO) : 66.67 MHz at maximum
    • Peripheral clock0 (P0φ) : 33.33 MHz at maximum
    • Peripheral clock1 (P1φ) : 66.67 MHz at maximum
    • Internal Memory
      • High-speed internal RAM: 64 KB
      • Large-capacity internal RAM: 2.5 MB
External memory
  • SDRAM: 16 MB
  • NOR flash memory: 32 MB
  • Serial flash memory: 4 MB x 2
  • EEPROM: 16 KB
  • USB connector (Series-A receptacle): 1
  • SD/MMC card slot: 1
  • Composite video connectors (RCA jack): 2
  • RS-232C connector (D-sub, 9-pin): 1
  • H-UDI port connectors (38-pin/14-pin): 1 each
  • Through-holes for expansion connectors: 9
  • Power supply LED: 1
  • User LEDs: 2
  • Reset, NMI, IRQ1, and TEST
  • System setting DIP switches (4/package)
  • User DIP switches (6/package)
  • 148 x 148 mm
  • Mounting form: PCB (6-layer, double-sided)
  • Number of boards: 1
  • CD-ROM (User's Manual, Installation Manual, and sample program)
  • Release note
  • Power cable
Prepare the following items (not included in this product)
  • Power supply: 5 V (1.5 A min.)
  • SuperH RISC engine C/C++ Compiler Package
  • E10A-USB emulator

User's manual

SH7269 CPU Board R0K572690C000BR User's Manual (PDF | English, 日本語)

Board design data other

Please refer to from the download details. (download)


(1) When using the SH7269 USB module as the USB function module, use the commercially available connector converter for Series-A to B, or remove the Series-A receptacle and connect the mini-B receptacle.
(2) Some of the functions cannot be used with the R0K572690C000BR.
(3) Sample program for MCU peripheral functions such as the Bus State Controller.
(4) The E10A-USB emulator is not included.


  • Selectable from four boot options, NOR flash memory, serial flash memory, NAND flash memory with the SD controller, and NAND flash memory with the MMC controller
  • Coming with the USB Series-A receptacle for evaluating the SH7269 USB function as the regular equipment, advanced development and evaluation of the USB host module application is allowed. *1
  • SH7269 data bus, address bus and on-chip peripheral pins are all connected to expansion connectors (or through-holes) on this board to allow for timing evaluation with peripherals that use measurement instruments. Optional boards for audio (M3A-HS64G01) *2 graphic display (M3A-HS64G02) *2, and SH7269/VDC4 module (R0K572690B000BR), are also available.
  • Provides the development environment (e.g. the SH7269 sample program *3) required for advanced evelopment of software.
  • H-UDI port connectors (38-pin and 14-pin) are provided to connect the Renesas E10A-USB emulator.

Documentation & Downloads

Title Other Languages Type Format File Size Date
User Guides & Manuals
SH7269 CPU Board R0K572690C000BR User's Manual 日本語 Manual PDF 8.03 MB
SH7269 CPU board R0K572690C000BR Basic sample code (blinking LED/output RS-232C string message) 日本語 Sample Code ZIP 296 KB
SH7269 CPU board R0K572690C000BR Flash memory download program (FMTOOL) 日本語 Software & Tools - Others ZIP 11 KB
SH7269 CPU board R0K572690C000BR Schematic circuit diagram 日本語 Design File ZIP 225 KB
SH7269 CPU board R0K572690C000BR PCB layout pattern diagram 日本語 Design File ZIP 1.44 MB

Software / Tools

Title Type Description Company
C/C++ Compiler Package for SuperH Family Compiler/Assembler C/C++ Compiler package for SuperH RISC engine Family. Simulator debugger and High-performance Embedded Workshop included.
E10A-USB Emulator On-chip debugging emulator for SuperH RISC engine, H8SX and H8S Family. Renesas