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The Intersil 80C286 is a static CMOS version of the NMOS 80286 microprocessor. The 80C286 is an advanced, highperformance microprocessor with specially optimized capabilities for multiple user and multi-tasking systems. The 80C286 has built-in memory protection that supports operating system and task isolation as well as program and data privacy within tasks. A 25MHz 80C286 provides up to nineteen times the throughput of a standard 5MHz 8086. The 80C286 includes memory management capabilities that map 230 (one gigabyte) of virtual address space per task into 224 bytes (16 megabytes) of physical memory.


  • Compatible with NMOS 80286
  • Wide Range of Clock Rates
  • DC to 25MHz (80C286-25)
  • DC to 20MHz (80C286-20)
  • DC to 16MHz (80C286-16)
  • DC to 12.5MHz (80C286-12)
  • DC to 10MHz (80C286-10)
  • Static CMOS Design for Low Power Operation
  • ICCSB = 5mA Maximum
  • ICCOP = 185mA Maximum (80C286-10)
  • ICCOP = 220mA Maximum (80C286-12)
  • ICCOP = 260mA Maximum (80C286-16)
  • ICCOP = 310mA Maximum (80C286-20)
  • ICCOP = 410mA Maximum (80C286-25)
  • High Performance Processor (Up to 19 Times the 8086 Throughput)
  • Large Address Space
  • 16 Megabytes Physical/1 Gigabyte Virtual per Task
  • Integrated Memory Management, Four-Level Memory Protection and Support for Virtual Memory and Operating
  • Two 80C86 Upward Compatible Operating Modes
  • 80C286 Real Address Mode
  • PVAM
  • Compatible with 80287 Numeric Data Co-Processor
  • High Bandwidth Bus Interface (25 Megabyte/Sec)
  • Available In
  • 68 Pin PGA (Commercial, Industrial, and Military)
  • 68 Pin PLCC (Commercial and Industrial)

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Obsolete PLCC Tube 126
Obsolete PLCC Tube 126
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Documentation & Downloads

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Datasheets & Errata
80C286 Datasheet Datasheet PDF 2.60 MB
82C284 Datasheet Datasheet PDF 595 KB
Application Notes & White Papers
AN111: 80C286 Performance Advantages Over the 80386 Application Note PDF 661 KB
AN121: 80C286 Performance Advantages Over the 80386SX Application Note PDF 723 KB
AN120: Interfacing the 80C286-16 with the 80287-10 Application Note PDF 237 KB
AN112: 80C286/80386 Hardware Comparison Application Note PDF 307 KB