IO-Link connects the next generation of Industry 4.0 devices. IO-Link is an IEC standardized, serial, bi-directional point-to-point connection for signal transmission and power supply. IO-Link brings intelligence to the industrial factory by connecting the field level to the automation system. IO-Link is universal, smart and easy to install and use.

Renesas' collection of IO-Link products enables the connection of sensors and actuators at the field level into the control network. This IEC-approved protocol is powerful yet simple to install and use, making it a popular solution for industrial settings. With small packages, pin configurability to simplify designs and reduce costs, our IO-Link products support numerous sensor types.

Renesas also offers compact IO-link line drivers with high-voltage I/O channels to meet the physical layer requirements of sensor and actuator systems used in factory and process automation applications. These devices provide a wide range of configurable system features and operations in harsh environments.

About IO-Link for Embedded Sensors and Actuators

Embedded sensors and actuators are featured prominently in just about all machinery involved in the industrial automation processes. Operating and maintaining this complex web of components presents many challenges. IO-Link is an ideal solution, providing an intelligent point-to-point connection for fast, extended access to machine and equipment data. Compliant with I/O standards, IO-Link opens direct channels to the smallest components-sensors and actuators. Obtaining bottom-line data and optimizing production processes is an exercise in convenience and efficiency with this powerful new solution.

Assembling and commissioning a new production line takes time, often more than expected. IO-Link speeds up the process, helping to get the job done that much faster. In manufacturing, nothing matters more than keeping equipment line up and running. With the benefit of IO-Link, production lines require fewer different parts and run more reliably with fewer faults and failures. IO-Link maximizes transparency right down to the sensor and actuator level to boost efficiency all along the production line.

IO-Link helps optimize the production process right from the start. Factor this novel connection into the production equation and you will find it so much easier to roll out, assemble, operate, maintain, and repair equipment. Beyond that, it brings you even more benefits: Elaborate equipment and complex technology demand sophisticated skills and high-level qualifications on the part of the technical workforce. IO-Link supports your staff by improving diagnostics and simplifying maintenance and repair. This not only cuts operating costs, it also extends uptime significantly, keeping your production line rolling.

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