EC-1 (R9A06G043GBG) is a dedicated device with a built-in EtherCAT slave controller. This is an optimal solution to design high performance EtherCAT protocol in Industrial automation and manufacturing.


  • Solution certified by EtherCAT Test Center (ETC) conformance testing
  • Easy transition from low-speed serial communication to EtherCAT
    • Customers can easily change communication protocol to legacy serial interfaces, allowing users to focus on their end application.
    • The sample software is provided that targets various devices with different profiles:
    • CiA402 drive profile for motor driving devices.
    • ETG.5003 profile for semiconductor manufacturing equipment.
  • Optimized for EtherCAT applications. Best suited for designing slave devices with High-Speed connectivity.
    • Integrated Arm® Cortex®-R4F Core @ 150MHz with the double and single-precision floating-point unit. The Tightly Coupled Memory (TCM), EtherCAT slave controller is ideal for deterministic high-speed connectivity.
    • Compatibility has been verified with master devices from more than ten manufacturers. This is a proven solution and significantly reduces the development time for EtherCAT slave applications.




  • Remote I/O
  • Communication Module


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